The Shifa Clinic SC

God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through.

~Author Unknown

  1. 1) Print and fill out an application form.
  2. 2) Provide names of two  references  with address and Phone numbers
  3. 3) Attend an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator
  4. 4) Be able to provide a form of government issued ID and proof of a negative TB test
  5. 5) Sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the privacy of our patients
  6. 6) Read the Volunteer Handbook

Non Medical Positions:

Must be 18 years old to serve as on -site volunteer, For those under 18 should contact clinic for other oppurtunities

Position Available and Duties as below:


 The primary role of the interpreter is to participate as a neutral party in the role as conduit of information that flows between the clinic medical staff and the patient.

1)Be available during clinic hours for non English speaking patients

2) Mainting strict patient confidentiality

3) To sign off on flow sheet documenting the following "I interpreted for this patient and fee she understood the implications of consent/instructions given.

Registration screeners:

To screen new patients for eligibility checks and screening. Please contact us for days and time

Receptionists and Administrative Assistants:

To check in patients, answer phone calls, file and photocopy, schedule appts, fax  referrals, arrange and organize, mail letters, follow up with patients regarding survey.

IT Support:

Hours vary. Please contact us if you can help.

Volunteer for FEED THE HUNGRY program

  1. Delivery of Food bags: We will provide you with the food items , bags and delivery address. Once a month you could help us in delivery of the groceries either to the families in need or you could help us with transportation of bags to Eagle Nest Elementary School. 
  2. Help us do food drives for Food pantry.
  3. Help us organize and stack  the food pantry twice a month
  4. Volunteer at Homeless feeding
  5. Volunteer to help raise non food item for Homeless service once a month. We generally add small daily need item on a monthly basis. It could be toilet paper roll, tooth brushes, lotions, sunscreen, paper towels. Etc.
  6. Help us raise funds for the programs

Special Project Volunteer positions

Provide Snacks and Drinks:  Bring a smile on the faces of our volunteers and cheer them up!

Card Maker: This is great project for anyone under 18 who would like to help.

Development Committee: Currently in development; focused on showing appreciation to our donors. Hours are flexible involves sending a thank you note, phone call. Planning fundraising and other projects.